The Lost Frontier Handbook

With the Long-Lost Skills of Our Ancestors

the lost frontier handbook

Uncover how to:

✔️ Make powerful medicinal remedies from scratch...

✔️ Preserve and stockpile HUGE quantities of delicious food             that never (ever!) spoils.

✔️ Enjoy a steady supply of fresh clean water - 100% off grid
        And MORE...

It's all inside:

The Lost Frontier Handbook Reviews


"People need to know this stuff… it helps me teach my survival classes."

Kerry Ward, TX


"Everyone needs to develop these life skills ASAP."

-Jim McBreen, 56, Fort Myers, Florida


"I don't look at the book as a survival manual but as way of life that adds value to [the] present day."

Vern Moore, 68, Oklahoma


"So much useful info. It's a need to have kind of book!"

Jody Probst, 45, Streetsboro, Ohio


"It's the best way to learn how our Founding Fathers lived."

Kenneth McMillian, 60, Willis, Texas


"Very resourceful, whether you're camping, hiking, or going on an adventure, this book brings out the kid in you."

Amanda, 33, Texas

What is The Lost Frontier Handbook?

The Lost Frontier Handbook stands as the ultimate guide to self-reliance, unlocking forgotten ancestral skills and knowledge crucial for crisis management. Crafted by its creator, the handbook not only imparts timeless life-saving techniques and tricks but also educates readers on preparing various survival measures and equipping themselves with essentials during crises. Vital lessons within cover preservation tips, food stockpiles, and medicinal remedies.

Enhancing the content, the handbook features high-resolution images, detailed diagrams, and step-by-step procedural instructions. Available in both digital format and physical copies via shipment, it caters to the modern era dominated by technology, where reliance on online systems has become the norm.

In today's tech-driven society, people often delegate tasks such as grocery shopping to online platforms, relying heavily on Wi-Fi-connected services. The traditional ways of safeguarding and caring for families have been overshadowed, but The Lost Frontier Handbook aims to resurrect this essential knowledge. Inspired by the author's grandfather's journal, rooted in the forgotten practices of bygone eras, the handbook preserves and imparts the wisdom of self-sufficiency.

The author, drawing from his childhood spent learning his grandfather's ways, shares insights that empower today's consumers to navigate any situation. The methods encapsulated in the handbook mirror the author's own journey of plant harvesting, enriched by the invaluable contents of his grandfather's worn-out notebook, discovered during a poignant moment at a funeral.

The Lost Frontier Handbook pays homage to the author's grandfather by showcasing the accumulated wisdom documented throughout his life, including experiences during World War II. In a nod to the healing legacy of his grandfather, the guide ensures that consumers gain access to the most potent remedies ever recorded. With the inclusion of in-color images depicting various plants, the handbook aids users in accurately identifying and utilizing the wealth of knowledge it presents.

  • How to Build a Food Stockpile That Never (Ever!) Spoils
  • The Only Survival Superfoods You’ll Ever Need
  • How to Enjoy Limitless Clean Water 100% Off Grid
  • How to Thrive Through Another Great Depression
  • 75 Items Worth More Than Gold in A Crisis
  • Where to Find Free Land in the US...

And so much more!

the lost frontier handbook
lost frontier handbook
lost frontier handbook

Here's Just a Glimpse of What You'll Find in

the lost frontier handbook

The Most Powerful Remedies We Lost to History:

  • The Most Powerful Remedies We Lost to History
  • How to Create Powerful Disinfectants at Home
  • Make Your Own Highly Effective Painkillers
  • Safely Treat Wounds, Breaks, & Burns
  • Quickly Soothe a Sore Throat or Cough...
  • How to Make "Frontier Penicillin"

How to Build a Food Stockpile That Never (Ever!) Spoils:

  • Safely Preserve Meat for Years on End...
  • The A-Z of Canning and Pickling
  • Companion Planting 101
  • 3 Ways to Refrigerate Food Without Electricity
  • How to Hunt, Trap, and Process Wild Game

How to Thrive Through Another Great Depression

  • Save Stacks of Cash Every Month on Food...
  • The Best Wild Plants to Forage
  • ake Soda & Ginger beer the Old-Fashioned Way
  • How to Raise Chickens 101
  • Create Priceless Household Products From “Junk”

The Only Survival Superfoods You’ll Ever Need:

  • The 100-year Survival Ration
  • The Pocket Friendly Soup Adored by Mountain Men
  • The Bugout-friendly Biscuit That Won the Civil War
  • The Viking Comfort Food That Stays Unspoiled for 3 Years
  • 22 "Forever Foods" Critical for Preppers

22 "Forever Foods" Critical for Preppers:

  • The 100-year Survival Ration
  • The Pocket Friendly Soup Adored by Mountain Men
  • The Bugout-friendly Biscuit That Won the Civil War
  • The Viking Comfort Food That Stays Unspoiled for 3 Years
  • 22 "Forever Foods" Critical for Preppers
the lost frontier handbook
lost frontier handbook
lost frontier handbook

What's included in the handbook?

The Lost Frontier Handbook covers a wide range of topics and provides a wealth of information and practical guidance for individuals seeking self-reliance and survival skills. Here are some key areas you can expect to find in
the handbook:

  • Shelter Building: The handbook offers techniques and instructions on how to construct various types of shelters using natural materials, ensuring protection and comfort in different environments and weather conditions.
  • Water Procurement: This section provides guidance on finding and purifying water from different sources, including rivers, streams, and even rainwater, ensuring a safe and reliable water supply.
  • Foraging for Food: Readers will learn about identifying edible plants, berries, nuts, and mushrooms, as well as hunting and trapping techniques for acquiring protein sources in the wilderness.
  • Fire Starting: The handbook covers various methods and techniques for starting fires without modern tools, including using friction-based methods, fire plows, and flint and steel. It also includes tips on fire maintenance and safety.
  • First Aid: Basic first aid skills are crucial in emergencies. The handbook offers instructions on treating common injuries, dealing with wounds, managing illnesses, and improvising medical supplies in the absence of professional medical assistance.
  • Navigation: Navigating in the wilderness can be challenging, but the handbook provides guidance on using natural indicators, such as the position of the sun, stars, and landmarks, as well as basic map reading and compass usage.
  • Self-Defense: Understanding self-defense techniques and strategies is important for personal safety. The handbook may include tips on situational awareness, improvised weapons, and basic self-defense moves.
  • Tool Making: In situations where modern tools are unavailable, the handbook may offer insights into creating essential tools and equipment from natural materials, such as making knives, fishing hooks, and cordage.
  • Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants: The handbook may include a guide to identifying and using wild plants for food and medicine, highlighting their nutritional value and healing properties.
  • Mental Preparedness: Survival skills are not solely about physical abilities but also mental fortitude. The handbook may provide tips on maintaining a positive mindset, managing stress, and adapting to challenging situations.

Thats Why I Want To Invite You To...

lost frontier handbook

The Lost Frontier Handbook:

✅ How to preserve food the old-fashioned way. By canning, salting , dehydrating , pickling, or smoking it, and more.

✅ How to filter water using just what's in your yard.

✅ Where free land can be had in the US.

✅75 items that'll soon outvalue gold in a disaster.

✅The best long-lasting "forever foods". Including a Viking staple with a 3-year shelf life, how to make pocket-portable soup, and the Native American "sweet meat" that can last for 100 years unspoiled.

✅ And more...

How The Lost Frontier Handbook Teaches You to Live

The Lost Frontier Handbook offers numerous benefits to readers who are seeking to acquire self-reliant skills and survival knowledge. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Survival Preparedness: The handbook equips readers with essential survival skills, knowledge, and techniques that can prepare them for various crisis situations, emergencies, and natural disasters. By learning these skills, readers can enhance their ability to protect themselves, their families, and their communities during challenging times.
  • Self-Sufficiency: The handbook promotes self-sufficiency by teaching readers how to harness readily available resources and materials for sustenance, shelter, and other basic needs. By learning how to rely on their own skills and ingenuity, readers become less dependent on external systems and resources.
  • Empowerment: Acquiring self-reliant skills empowers individuals to take control of their own well-being and safety. By learning practical skills, readers gain confidence in their abilities, which can boost their overall resilience and ability to handle adversity effectively.
  • Versatility: The handbook covers a wide range of topics, including shelter construction, water sourcing and purification, fire building, foraging for food, first aid, navigation, and more. This versatility ensures that readers gain a diverse set of skills that can be applied in various situations and environments.
  • Adaptability: The handbook promotes adaptability by teaching readers to think critically and problem-solve in dynamic situations. By learning to assess their surroundings, make quick decisions, and adapt their skills to changing circumstances, readers become more flexible and capable of handling unforeseen challenges.
  • Sustainable Living: The handbook emphasizes sustainable living practices, such as harvesting rainwater, growing food, and minimizing waste. By promoting eco-friendly techniques, readers not only enhance their survival capabilities but also contribute to the long-term well-being of the environment.
  • Knowledge Preservation: The Lost Frontier Handbook helps preserve ancestral knowledge and skills that may otherwise be lost in the modern world. By learning and passing down these skills to future generations, readers contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and the continuation of time-tested survival practices
  • Personal Development: In addition to survival skills, the handbook may offer insights and strategies for personal development. It may encourage readers to cultivate resilience, adaptability, mental strength, and a positive mindset, which can be beneficial in both survival situations and everyday life.
  • Community Building: The handbook can foster a sense of community and collaboration among readers who share a common interest in self reliance and survival. It can serve as a resource for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and ideas, promoting mutual support and collective resilience.

Take advantage of Three extra digital bonuses if you order today (for FREE)

The 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden

Bonus #1 : The 80 Square Feet Medicinal Garden

This gift is a Claude Davis special...

If you don't know Claude, he's been THE expert on anything to do with "the old ways" for decades.

And this guide is proof...

As he lays out in scrupulous detail how to grow your own medical garden. With just 80 sq. Ft. of space...

All the herbs you'll ever need to own a highly effective herbal apothecary...

Plus, the full companion planting blueprint. This way you'll know exactly where and what to plant.

Perfect for tiny lawns, windowsills, or apartment rooftops.

Meaning now, with just a tiny space, you can have your own natural walk-in pharmacy. With herbs the pioneers used to heal all sorts of problems...

It's amazing stuff!

Surviving an Economic Collapse

 Bonus #2: Surviving an Economic Collapse

This guide is full of tips REAL people used to get through a national tragedy...

It was co-written by Luis, an Argentinean, who endured one of the worst meltdowns in history...

When riots, governmental collapse, 5,000% inflation rates and black-market gangsters plagued a nation.

With 25% of folk unemployed and struggling to stay fed.

An event that was worse than the Great Depression. That might soon happen again...

That's why we'll give you all the steps Luis took to keep himself and his 6-year-old daughter thriving.

It's a fascinating read. Especially now...

After all, Luis was no bum. He was a hard-working guy doing what he thought was right. Until one bad day changed everything.

Causing widespread food shortages and the lights to go out. Fitting well with gift #3.

Homestead Cooking 101

 Bonus #3: Homestead Cooking 101

But why does good food matter?

Because not only is raw food FAR less nutritious, but it’s also bad for morale. After all, nobody wants to eat canned beans forever...

The problem is most of us rely on electric or gas stoves to eat. And in a blackout these things will be useless. That's why traditional methods, like a wood stove, fireplace, or Dutch oven, count for a lot.

And not just that…

Many of these classic, smoky, rich, and sticky flavors are impossible to make any other way. Whereas this guide has it all...

As inside you'll uncover heaps of off-grid recipes and emergency cooking methods. Such as:

How to "Carbeque" and use a car's engine to cook your meals in a blackout. Just like UK soldiers did in WW2.

Could you bake bread without electricity or fire? Discover how on page 30.

Love slow cooking? Then why not try this zero-electricity oven developed in the 1940s. Perfect for "off-grid ice cream" (recipe included.)

And a lot more!

*All of which are available to download digitally.


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Our ancestors braved every crisis imaginable. From plague, to war, to famine. Only they did it without modern technology, overly-complex supply chains or even others people to help them. Simply by using the self-reliant skills and expertise, passed from generation to generation, and disappearing fast, locked inside The Lost Frontier Handbook.

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